some things about me


New shop in brand experience up and running:

My name is Andreas Panagiotopoulos
(shortened sometimes to Pan for optical reasons and because it sounds better).

I am a multi-disciplinary Art Director and a Digital Strategist with hands-on tendencies, a passion for innovative solutions and meaningful communication..
I am energized upon the conception of an idea, strategy or mechanism which is set to add value to a client's business.
My drive lies with conceptualisation, holistic brand communication and inspiring storytelling.

In my so far path as a creative I have been given the opportunity to work with some major brands like SCA, Mini, Stena Line, Scania, Sverige Radio, Volvo Cars, E.ON, Carlsberg, Volvo Trucks, JKL, SHI, SKF and others.

I recently also joined the prestigious Jury of the awwwards for the year 2016, promising to try and look past the mesmerising pixels and into the context and the overall experience offered by the impressive submissions. 

I am, as many professionals of my trade born in the ’80s, amazed by
the outburst of social media and the way people digitally connect, communicate and share.

I am, as many “Saudades” who remember what Michael Jackson’s face looked like before his nose fell off, fully inspired by the piece of advice, at the bottom of the page.

P.S. The pronounciation of my surname is a challenge. Many have tried but gloriously failed.
If you wanna give me a call and try to pronounce my surname, alas, you might find yourself flustered:

So, here is a step-by-step guide on how to tackle this:
1Divide the name into two parts:
Panagioto – poulos

2Comprehend the logic associating it with a Swedish surname:
Svenn – Son (Son of Svenn) is same as Panagioto – poulos (Son of Panagioto)

3. Now pick up the phone and dial my number. +46 70-533 32 02

Or, just go straight to step 3 and give me that call straight away. 

And you can always connect with me on LinkedIn

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